A pure voice & understanding

what can i say about this wonderful great World because it’s true that this world so beautiful.. but some peoples just fake bullshit .. because they think so sick. because still Now Daysย Why do people distinguish impossible between in A girl and boy. but now all are same according to me if a boy make to friend a girl in friend and meet to her then it’s ok with him but if a girl make a friend to a boy and meet him for a just a some work then very bad with her….why ???

i can’t understand to this type of peoples. well one more thing i wanna to say you all people live & spend with that only peoples who can’t live this a small life because they have big fake ego , Attitude they lost themselves in all things they have almost finished their lives now i don’t request to them all..because Iam not a big Fool or owl. This is really mess if someone makes try to stop to do something for yourself because sometimes u need some few time for yourself like u sit be alone wd ur aloness for sometimes be cool & silent & sometimes with love to look at a mirror to urself you people just tell me what’s wrong in this???? & sometimes love to do some fashion & makeup just only yourself not for all i do because i love to do what’s bullshit in this & yeah one thing more i just don’t care who’s laugh front of mine or back side, that’s they thoughts or this problem of them that’s it. so what is my fault because “Myself I’m the favourite” ( Main apni favourite hoon )ย ย whatever I’m or who I’m just i love myself that’s all….

what is a Pure Voice??? anyone can tell me even i don’t know , but wait let’s me guse i think pure Voice comes by A true pure & Single , Strong heart or a Core from the heart , Or a voice emitted out of heart…& what is a real understanding???? I think don’t need any words for understanding, just need to show to them your pure trust & feelings. just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so. sometimes being understanding is more important than being right , Sometimes we need not a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens..not keen eye that always see faults but open arms that accept.. not a finger that point out mistakes but gentle hands that lead ! truth always will be truth , regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance. for some fake people will try ignore them , just listen to them with big fake smile but do only that thing whatever yours heart says & love always.

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