Gully Boy “massage for Gully boy Ranveer Singh ji & Alia batt.

mene Gully boy dekhi hain wo mujhe bhut pasand aayi flim … hesi kuch flims hoti hain jisme hum khud me kho jate Hain mujhe gully boy me lga jese meri hi story bhar nikal kar mere samne chal rahi hain Ranveer bhai & aila ap dono ka work bolta hain agar ye ek ladki par mujhpar banti to me is flim ka naam Gully gawl rakhi koi ni part 2 me rakhge hum aur me apke saat banna chahogi aur apne dukh ghuse ko kese ek koi rapper songs me ghum hokr niklta hain ya life me koi bhi problems se face karta hain wo mene aur bhi jada aapse is flim me sikha hain me so proud of u Ranveer Singh ji i wanna meet u once now can u come for me because, me can’t walk na perfectly big thanks..Β vese to mujhe na to songs compose karna hain na hi rape karna hain Apna bas thoda bhut shok hain music Dance ka aur is flim ke bad music se deeply love hogya aur dance se romance bhi vese ye ajkal acha bhi hogya hain ki ajkal ki life ko flim se openly apni sari dil ki baate share bhi kar sakte hain but jo apko samjhta hain wahi is massages ko samjega isliye i love this movie most… Β i love this movie so much love u both of u guys …”I have seen Gull Boy and I loved it. Some films touch us so deeply that we forget that we are watching a film. Gully Boy was such a film for me… I felt as though I was watching my own life’s story play on screen. Ranveer Sir and Alia Ma’am, you were both amazing in the film. If this film had been based on a girl, such as me, I would have titled it Gully Girl… maybe, we that can be the title of the sequel, which I would like to make with both of you. This film has taught me how a person can turn her own sorrow and anger into beautiful rap music and face any challenge in life. I really admire you, Sir, and want to meet you once. May I request you to come and meet me as I cannot walk? Thank you so much for considering my request. I really want to compose music and sing rap songs. I generally enjoy song and dance but after watching this film, I have fallen in love with music, dance, and romance. It is heartwarming that one can share one’s experiences and feelings through a film these days, but only those who truly understand you understand the message that the film conveys… That’s why I really love this movie and love both of you.”

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