Now I have got an AIM and will run for my grandmother and I will take care of her , And I will be with my grandmother & i will stay with her !!! so meet my “Grandmother…πŸ˜˜πŸ˜β€πŸ’‹

Now what can i say about my grandmother, She is so cool sexy her smile like a as a small new baby girl born she so active too you all wanna her pic ..ah ok just wait okey..

see guys her picture…she so beautiful na so pure soul .. her hobbies are listening old fun songs writing so many new new songs & read all of types stories books or cartoons comic books .. some other new things and making Sutter and making knitting ..She can never think of reading a granny story that she would even write a blog on her…In this world my grandmother with is no longer talking or worshiping anyone, so I thought I would meet you and my grandmother from this world No one should live with her and talk to her , and they should makes to her laugh at small things … There are some children who understand their real property not only their parents but also money.. like that “Bhagban flim ” …. Really what was that film too .. that’s why i have thought that now I will earn money on my own and serve my “nani ji”… So now I will be fine for my Nani ji … My grandmother did not understand me in my childhood but now she wants me alone… My grandmother and grandmother always kept thinking about my marriage and kept thinking…Nani ji aur dadi ji My nani ji is not expecting to live anymore but when my two children play in their saddle, neither will they hope to live back.

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