Enough now, he will have to accept some of my words/Bets Then I will accept him … Or have I fulfill all these dreams myself …

I do not have much desire ..Neither do I have any dreams.. I just have little dreams ..And in small things and in those small dreams, I am happy .. Sometimes I feel like whatever my circumstances are today and I am not good, if I were fine then my life would have been different …. And it is also that if there was such a life then it would not be special, but it would be fun to create a high class royal life from a normal life ..I want to own a flat or a big house..And a little bit of self-respect ..And there will be some love birds in that house ..And that house will also have its own gym and a small pet’s room ..And he should understand all my fashion and feelings and also my words ..And with me he helps in giving my selfie, our selfie and each of my pics and selfies…

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