I’m leaving you for your success..

I want to say something to you, you are very good but I do not want to come between your bargains..I know you want to do a lot things right now and you will do it and I am ready to walk with you at the right price too .. But sometimes I feel a bit afraid that you are a right path and I will never find a wrong path for you…Because you are the right path and you have a limit and a red line, how can I let you cross it for me .. but yes i will with you in urs all “Aims , dreams missions , work ..etc And if I have to live with you, then I will have to change myself completely .. Because with me you can never win in such a living like this ..So, i will be change for you .. but there is a wish that you will have to fulfill…yeah I know I know You forbade me to blackmail and threaten you ..But whatever I am, I’m All urs.. So those wish is that you have to go on a date with me ..im just kidding ..by the way did u remember that which is my 1st favourite b’day ?? Umm gues …ok let me tell u when i gone with u to watch that movie “my name is Khan.. πŸ€— that b’day i can’t forget big thanks for makeing my b’day every b’day so so spl but nowdays nothing like that because, Nowdays everyone so busy na.. And u r married person too & u r so old too u r so boreing na nowdays .. well u know what & which my 2nd favourite b’day that which u gaved me 17 gifts Omg..that b’day & that 17 surpises… I don’t deserve it not at all but I will stiΔΊl with u in urs all struggles so for that for i’m going very far from u for ur success life …This change of mine may not be liked by you now because it will tell you to be bad as well, now for everyone and you too, because only then you will win… and for ur success i will do anything for u…don’t worry I also will be back very soon..just for u.. so bye for now and please till take care of yourself.. i will not missing u..tc

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