single vs committed!

Sometimes it seems that some people are not made for each other and they seem like they are born for one another only.
There are very few people who are born for one another, like my best friend palak & dinielle Jijs...πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ Take a look at the beginning of the business of Labs... "Labon ka karobaar" 

I love how to partner with friends, lovers, girlfriends, boyfriends who have had some time for me but now I feel that single life is also super cool life… Unless I will enjoy single life until I get any interview singles & broken hearts full enough…

if i will a train journey & why I Loved train journey most.

From the childhood i travelling by car , Train but i love most to travel by train but sometimes it’s bit li’l problem for my family because of my this condition I’m a handicap person na so it’s big problem for us. but i always be ready for train journey & i told them so many times for i will help them or co-operate , mange for them. Mostly I love travelling by train for ” Baran” because it’s small village of my Nani ji My grandmother home too. everytime i waiting for go to my grandmother home by train only because in train we meet to so many peoples na & make new new friends. if anyone wanna to know how will a romance with train so you all people should be travel by train… so many views are there. Baran rajasthan train India M.P.

if he will be comes in my life , how his looks , nature & how’s my thoughts for him !

Although … i know well that nobody can’t come for me & No-one born for me , and he can’t come for me only & if he will come for me still i reject to him because he will definitely die with me because he can’t handel orΒ afford to me because I’m very unlucky for love & true friendship, pure love reletionship but if someone is also single broken heart too then i will think for him … if he wanna know to me let’s him makes come front of me & he makes me feel not to be special for him infact to be normal pure person…he should be a open book , he should be co-operate in everything…. & he should be support in my Lifestyle, Fashion too. he should be understand my silence mode too. Now about his looks , nature – so i wanna tell to him only that one thing he should be makes laugh to everyone, me too πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ whatever will his age too young or li’l old age but his heart should be always too yough & ever green … his face should be like a cute smart young like a new born baby boy & his eyes should be so full on filfull up Romance , Love charming too. & his Ε‘mile should be sweet , sexy too As the case if Someone look at him they should be flat on the spot. he should be like a boy only not a tuff rough man..& not so loser too. i just want a real boy in my life if in this life is possible…πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ‘I do not want to be like any hero but better than hero, he should be like a real hero… He should remain in front of me as he is , He should be like a commando like a strong person… he just want to talk to me, sitting by me… He will accept it in the same lifestyle as his

why ???

why people didn’t wanna help to others, why people blame to others , why people demand more as more people can , why someone love to that person who never love back with that person, why people wanna with themselves only, why people not careing to others , why people always says they feelings only and never listening to them … why people fighting to others , why not themselves… why lose sometimes our hope for a second , why nobody can’t understand our feelings and pure love why we can’t do marry with the same person who we loved most from our life…