I got married again from my “LORD SHIVA ” πŸ•‰β€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ’

Tu hi mera Shiv hain..tu hi mera dhyan , Gayan bhi tu hi…meri zindagi bhi tujhse meri mouth bhi tumpar katam Hain … tu hi meri jeet meri haar bhi tu hi meri mazil bhi tu hi Aag ka dariya bhi tu hi mujhe bas tujhme hi ab to khona hain tujhse milkar banna bhi mujhko hi tujhme me ho ya mujhme tu hi tu hi ye janne ya tu mujhse kuch ajan tu hi.. πŸ•‰β³πŸ•ŽπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ»β€

I Love My Lord Shiva because he is so different & Powerful from others he is so pure i want my future hubby like him but i know i can’t never found as a him because he is one na & he always stay with me that’s why i got married with him 😍😘 I know I’m not perfect as his wife “Pravati ji maa” but i bit li’l try to be like her..

And now why do not I get married and why I hate marriage and why not want too..

In this world, the first people used to value the marriage, they do not have the bonds nowadays. Marriage also used to believe in love and true friendship but no longer… Marriage is a big joke just like now , friendship and love and marriage are things that do not happen to once or even for 7 years, till every birth… But nowadays people do not have any Feelings..Some are dying, some are being born, lots have survived and many people are AlsoAnd I would not even love anyone whom I would love to embrace him once and be alone in the Old Age..

So now that I will not get married till now when this marriage is done in this world and my self is not interested... 

Harry Potter Movies!!! & how much I Love Harry potter ” Daniel Radcliffe”

When I saw Harry Potter's all parts in my childhood and played games on PC then I was just going to meet Daniel Radcliffe.And Harry Potter's school, like my own school, and his full story was also very special in scogy and story real... 
But they say that there are some magic in the real life also in a particular person..
I had hoped to meet Danil Radcliffe today. After seeing those all parts today, they have got the desire to meet him once in this life.

hogwarts high school I love you All

Well one more thing ..about my Danil maybe u have now beautiful wife but if in ur life ..If She did not come in your life then I would also marry you.