fuck it’s my birthday !!! ” Struggles 2018 from 2019.

How to make a single heart, I will tell everyone...Yesterday was my birthday
Why i am here so soon everyone will know
It's been a very good and different birthday

twenty 27 years of experience has been experienced and I am also proud of being 1st time in the history of my birthday, I am going to the fastest time in my life. On 1st day of 27th year, I have had a lot of time in my life but I have a really good time, but I have always been looking for real faces that I have … maybe I would like to add a birthday to my best friend and I would like to know I do not know the name of that person, I know that very well I have all I have and I have a lot of knowledge about him and I have friends and I do not even have a girlfriend, I do not even know who I am with my sister. I do not even want to marry him. I love this birthday, I am a birthday Girl , I have a simple handicap CP Person, I have a single heart, Struggleholic person & broken heart person, so I do not have a handicap, single heart, Struggleholic person broken heart has been born I am going to teach you that I have been able to teach you so much that I am pure language and I have learned from my heart, I do not know how many places are there, but I am not able to show off my attitude. I do not know how to pray and I do not even have a heart to be a person, I do not even want to be there … I do not know what to say, but I can say that I can only go to the last level … but I have a heart tonight in 1000 years … and I am away from far away, but I am very happy that I am going to visit this blog. I do not know how to talk about a face and I do not even know what I am doing, I have been friends, I am friends, I have never been friends, I have never been fuck birthday … 27th real birthday .. I do not want to eat salt and non – Veg … I do not know what to do with me. .

On the 27th of February this year I celebrated my 27th birthday. I have had countless experiences in my own way since I was born. These experiences, big and small, have collectively made me who I am today. Everything around me is much faster than I can remember from when I was born. And they are getting faster by the second, but not for me, of course. But I am NOT giving up hope of catching up. I will someday!

For many years I have felt like the slowest runner in a race and such reminders come to me more often these days. Most often from the people around me. This year on my birthday I felt I saw a certain side to people I haven’t seen before. I wonder, if they don’t like me? I wonder if I have wronged them somehow? How could I have ever wronged anyone, I am not even in the race!

I feel am getting tired of having to put up that brave front now. I am tired of putting up a front for people who are always with me for celebrations but not when I need them. Not when I am calling out for help. Not when I am seeking a companion just to talk to.

Yes, I have CP and it’s hard for others to understand me. But it’s harder for me, to just be me. I am lonely, and I struggle with every muscle that I try to move in my body but the hope of working it all out keeps me going.

I idolize Kareena Kapoor Khan. And I idolize her because it’s an escape from my reality. Its allows me to respond to everyone, the way I want to, but the way I cannot.

If you can’t give me your time, please do not give me your fake smile as well. Save it for another rainy day. 

Thank you! Just have a look that how i was celebrate my fuck birthday

Single heart was born ..πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸŽ‚

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