My periods, All “girls Periods “

Hey boys we girls can feel how much you have to face during menstruation.We understand,you bear a higher degree of pain during periods.Mood of irritation,We understand it too.Hormonal imbalance,We can feel it.Menstrual pad,Red stain,Irritated mood,for all these,you all deserve a big hats off.If somebody makes fun of …Why do we shame to talk about our periods topic.. While on T.V. News and the Specailly Boyz, this is what we say on the topic of our Periods and on Ads. By the way, this period will continue to come, because of this, why my life and why I wait…. ” periods means Menstruation ” in ki & ka kareena kapoor khan also Said … Why are all of you worried about my periods or so are my periods Famous and important that you would like to remember all my dates too… And why do you do all the gossips for my periods when will your periods come????

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